My Professional Journey

I studied fine arts and art history combined with communications and digital media. When I started my graphic design career in 2003, I knew that I wanted to help clients connect and reach people using visual communication as a language.

My first job landed me in the city of Blantyre located in Malawi, Africa, where I spent 6 months creating graphics to assist in the implementation of an HIV/AIDS strategy at the University where I was employed. Working with a completely different culture gave me valuable experience in how we communicate with each other no matter where we live, setting the stage for future projects.

Prior to launching my freelance career with in 2011, I spent eight years working for small and large advertising agencies, marketing companies, and non-profit organizations in Saskatchewan and British Columbia. During that time, I had the opportunity to design for Tourism Saskatchewan, Access Communications, Conexus Credit Union, HeliSprings Panorama, West Side Tourism, and Regina’s Globe Theatre. I'm currently not taking new clients.